Ravens earrings

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yes, I have finally started a BLOG! After much persuasion, consideration, frustration and manipulation, here it is.
As some of you know, I named my shop "Cypress Cove" because 25 years ago my husband was stationed in Monterrey/Carmel area in CA. We fell in love with the area. The vegetation, seals barking in the background, the 60-70 degree weather and the beautiful scenery. I would love to live there, BUT........
I hope I have the time to keep up with it.

My blog is not just for conversing with friends and customers. Let me know your opinions.


  1. Ana, so great to see the blog! You will have a lot of fun, too:)

    I just love your soldering work and your custom creations. You are one amazing person!!!

    ps- and your grand-daughter is the bomb! haha

  2. ps- I've just also linked your blog to mine:)

  3. Hi Ana, Lydia has talked you up on her blog.. had to stop by and say Hi! looking forward to seeing your creations here! stop by my blog sometime to say hi!
    Welcome to blogland!

  4. Hello, I came over from Lydia's blog! Your work is lovely! Welcome to the blogaverse and I hope you have fun here!

  5. Welcome to the bloggie world! Now, if your ever needing any questions answered about blogging you can ask me. Not that I know everything about bloggin' but I've learned a lot over time and I'm willing to share what I DO know. I wish I had someone I could have asked in the beginning! Anywho, hit me up if ever your wanting some free websites that provide backgrounds, free header pictures etc.