Ravens earrings

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've been a little busy this past week and probably will be until the Timonium Show. Hopefully it will continue throughout the season. I've been making Christmas charm ornaments. Each time I make them, I do something different. While I carry them in shop, they are $25 each with free engraving on the back ( customize). I think it's unique since you can personalize them and it'll be a real keepsake!
As time goes on, customers seem to be interested in the "sports" earrings. I'll try to have pictures of the ornaments and charms shortly.


  1. Wow! You now personalize on the silver soldered backs of your charms and ornaments! Can't wait to see how you do that:) I love the look on the back, as pictured in your first picture, of the silver soldering.

  2. very sweet ornament !
    welcome to blog land .... it's fun , it's addictive and you will meet many wonderful people !
    have fun !